i have been going to borobudur for almost eleven years. of all the san francisco restaurants i discovered with my under-developed 18 year old palate, its one of the few i still visit and love! i prefer to dine here in a large group so i can order more and get a little of everything. some favorites: tiger beer (from singapore), roti prata (fried dough/bread with curry dipping sauce, not traditionally indonesian but so good!), soto ayam (chicken soup), martabak (with meat or veggies, like a scramble with a crispy shell), rendang (the most tender, flavorful beef), capcai (mixed veggies), and you really can’t go wrong with anything else. its a little piece of home in those moments when all i want is to be back in indonesia.



soto ayam (my first).

soto ayam is basically indonesian chicken noodle soup. delicious chicken noodle soup with ginger, garlic, green onions, turmeric. a dish i have a deep and unfaltering love for. a dish i crave almost weekly and make at home on a regular basis. a dish my friends have come to love, crave, and make at home. a dish i go out of my way for. but it was not always this way…

years of living in indonesia (and eating soto ayam) were wasted because it was not until my first visit to puncak pass that i fell in love.┬áin the end it may not be the best soto ayam i’ve ever had (truth be told the one at borobudur in sf is incredible!), but because it was my first it will always have a special place in my heart. plus, there’s something about eating food in its country of origin that always makes it taste that much better.

and so even though we eat it in sf all the time, i took the journey out of jakarta and into the mountains of puncak to share with my gf that special bowl of soup. puncak pass is a hotel and restaurant that sit in the foggy hillside of puncak overlooking the tea plantations. but be warned, the drive from jakarta can be painful and on this particular journey took 4-hours each way (!!), longer than we spent up there! but it was worth it (and we stopped for margaritas when we finally made it back!)

puncak pass
jl. raya puncak
sindanglaya cianjur (puncak), west java