skool has been on my to try list since it opened two years ago. and i finally made it for a late saturday dinner with a few friends (one of whom is a diehard skool fan). the service was exceptional, and the food delicate, flavorful, and interesting. we enjoyed several bottles of red (which our server was happy to let us sample before committing), two dozen washington state oysters, mushroom fries, hamachi crudo, mussels, crab risotto, shrimp and scallop ceviche, and a trio of desserts with two rounds of espresso martinis on the side. not only did the food win me over, but the espresso martinis was on par with my beloved nopa, adding a twist of creaminess all its own. we will definitely be back!


menega cafe – jimbaran bay, bali

tables on the beach. fresh seafood – you pick it, they grill it. tons of bintang. sweet or spicy grilled corn. the biggest prawns you’ve ever seen. whole grilled fish. crab. and you leave smelling like a full on bonfire.

this has been our go-to spot on the packed restaurant lined beach front. food is always good and you can call to have them book a table for a big (read: 20 people) group. and no matter how much you eat and how much bintang you drink, its still cheap!

menega cafe
jl. four seasons hotel
muaya beach, jimbaran, bali