ippudo, new york.

i love ramen. a lot. and ippudo is worth writing home about. the lunch set is pretty epic; a side salad, your choice of rice bowl (in my case fried chicken), ramen (my choice:  the akamaru modern with housemate noodles, umami miso paste, pork, cabbage, mushroom, scallion, plus a seasoned soft boiled egg!) i wanted to eat here again as soon as we left and am sad they don’t have a san francisco location.






ramenbull at nombe.


the mission district’s nombe has a special “ramen bull” lunch menu, featuring miso and beef based broth with your choice of meat and extras, all topped with scallions and umami foam. its a beef lovers paradise with choice of oxtail, short rib, beef tongue, or beef cheek ramen. there is a vegetable ramen option, but i was unclear whether there was an alternate veggie broth too. i had the oxtail ramen, not spicy, with soy marinated, slightly soft cooked egg (perfect), and corn. the noodles were the perfect firmness, the broth packed with flavor, and the oxtail was tender and the right amount of fatty. so glad i finally checked this place out and expanded my workday lunch options!