pur spirits shoot at flora.









square one photoshoot.

a day on set with square one organic rye based vodka. i’m already a big fan of square one vodka, and have been ever since my first sip of square one cucumber. it was a real treat to get to assist on this shoot, meet the owner, and enjoy some cocktails. all four of their products are stand-out, ingredients are all organic, sourced directly from farmers, and their distiller is certified organic.





ladies and cocktails and photos. (oh my)

i had the pleasure of assisting the gf on a calendar/promo photoshoot for lupec sf (ladies united for the preservation of endangered cocktails) at hotsy totsy club in albany. the bar is an incredible little retro box with a free jukebox, very random art, vintage videos, and killer cocktails. the 20+ ladies–all bartenders, bar owners, booze PR powerhouses, or owners of their own booze or syrups line–transformed with vintage wardrobe, hair, make-up and a bowl of punch. once the shoot wrapped we enjoyed tacos, burritos and ceviche from the taco truck outside, paired with one of bar-owner jessica’s creations, ‘bitter rivers:’ gin, aperol, splash of grapefruit and lime juice, club soda, and rhubarb bitters. it was lights and refreshing with the right balance of bitter.

it was an incredible day and the photos are absolutely stunning!

back back in cali cali.

home from holiday after a month away and clearly i didn’t blog while i was gone (something i’m already regretting but i guess i had to learn this lesson). its good to be home, see the pup and friends, but its definitely a hard adjustment. over the next week i’ll be blogging non-stop about the trip so that i can get back to blogging about life.

and, to give credit where credit is due: all the photos on this blog that are actually good are courtesy of my very talented girlfriend, kelly puleio.