mission bowling club.






after years of claiming to hate bowling, i think it may actually be the case that i really like it and mission bowling club puts me over the edge. amazing cocktails, mismatched plates with fun, perfectly executed food, and six quaint, couch-laden lanes. my secret’s out – i can’t wait to go back!


from bad to worse to amazing!

i should preface this story by saying that if i don’t eat i get extremely hangry (thats hungry-angry), unable to reason with, and stop laughing at jokes. while we were in indonesia i had one of those afternoons that had to be some kind of test to see just how hangry i could really get.

had a wonderful morning snorkeling with sea turtles and admiring coral reefs and neon fish. stopped at a little island called gili air for lunch on the beach at gogo restaurant and bar. i made the seemingly safe decision of ordering their house specialty: grilled fish with rice. this was a mistake. not only did my food come out after every single person had finished eating and their plates were getting cleared, it was gross when it did. i have no problem eating a whole fish, head and skin still on but this was not okay. it looked so unappetizing i had to cover the head with vegetables, ate one bite and called it a day.

i was pretty annoyed and hangry but brushed it off. at the recommendation of the rest of our group i went to beach cafe on gili trawangan for lunch, take 2. again taking the “safe” route i ordered indonesian food: balinese style chicken with rice. it looked delicious and as i excitedly cut into it i realized that the chicken was half raw, literally. this definitely pushed me to the edge of a breakdown, i sent it back (actually my gf sent it back because i wanted to throw the plate across the room), immediately cancelled my order and just about stormed out.

luckily we had a delicious lunch the day before so in a moment of desperation i went back kokomo for my second lunch in a row. needless to say, i finally got some properly cooked food and became a rational, laughing person again. thank you kokomo for an amazing burger that saved me from having my gf break up with me and making all my friends hate me! not to mention the view from the restaurant makes you feel lik a celebrity on holiday who’s just missing the paparazzi entourage.

the burger: perfectly cooked beef patty, halumi, pancetta, tomato, with fries and garlic mayo. ended it off with an affogato and waited out the tropical rain.

layover in london

actually going on our trip required an initial 36 hours of travel, which included an 8-hour layover in london. upon arrival we excitedly bought our tickets for the heathrow express to go have lunch with old friends, only to find when we got to the train platform that someone had (very sadly) just died on the tracks and all trains were stopped for the foreseeable future. our plans went out the window and we couldn’t get in touch with our friends to modify.

not to be discouraged, the gf and i hopped on the underground, picked a random stop and left the airport for some fresh air and non-airport/airplane food. we got off at south kensington upon the recommendation of a fellow underground rider from montreal and were excited to be out in the world seeing the sun. we wandered until we found the bunch of grapes pub. it was perfect and everything we needed: beer, dark wood, english accents, proper fish and chips, a burger, not the airport! after lunch we happily returned to the airport to continue our journey.