globe trotting!


a year of planning and the day has finally come, we’re off to indonesia and portugal for a month of adventure!

not sure about my blogging plan while we’re away but i’ll definitely have lots to share. yay!

so for now, farewell san francisco, hello world!

no better way to start than with a pre-36-hours-of-travel-time airport cocktail.


summer, finally!

two days until holiday and started the week off with lunch outside at samovar, on one of those rare san francisco days, where its warm in the shade and the trees are still.


i usually get the egg bowl or tea soup, but switched it up for an old favorite and something more summery: curry egg salad sandwich with a side salad. the iced tea lemonade was also pretty perfect.


sour beer.

a few months back was introduced by a few friends to sour beer. i honestly had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised when i found it kinda reminded me of alcoholic kombucha.

had a few much needed beers at monk’s kettle last night after a very long workday and was in the mood for something a little different and lighter since we’re finally having some summer weather. i started with monk’s cafe: flemish sour ale. our server describes it as “sour beer with training wheels” and it has a fairly mild cherry-vinegar flavor.

wanted to move onto something with a little more pucker and went with the petrus, another belgian beer. it was more lemony-citrusy than cherry-vinegar and felt like drinking lemonade beer. this is the kind of beer you want to be drinking on an outdoor terrace on a warm european summer evening (or those nights its actually warm in san francisco.)

just another saturday.

took advantage of the sun for a morning stroll to hayes valley with the gf and pup for a blue bottle latte for her, mocha for me. they have a little tin of huddy’s favorite dog treats at the coffee counter so everyone leaves happy.

made a late lunch at home. quinoa salad with baked salmon and thomas george estate sauvignon musque.

too many afternoon hours indoors on the computer led to a night out. started off having drinks with friends at churchill, which of course leads to dinner. managed to snag bar seats and zero zero and enjoy a great meal. the only bad news: i was enjoying it so much i didn’t take any pics.


decided to try our luck and pop into frances for a seat at the bar and had the unexpected opportunity to snag an actual table (something that usually involves a month plus reservation wait)

one of the fun things about frances is their wine by the ounce program. they bring you your choice of a house white, rose or red in a caraff marked ever 2 ounces and you pay only for what you actually drink. its delicious wine, great value, and gives you more flexibility.

food wise we started with the applewood smoked bacon beignets with maple creme fraiche and chive. the charred spring onion dip: ricotta, sour cream, and fennel seed with lavosh crackers. spring leek and baby spinach soup with creme fraiche, lemon oil. and trottoloni pasta with asparagus, meyer lemon, mascarpone and toasted walnut. the shape of these noodles is pretty phenomenal and in itself makes the dish awesome, not to mention it’s actually delicious.

the ladies at the table next to us made my night by sharing their off menu chicken wings! cornmeal battered and fried with rosemary and served with a buttermilk, meyer lemon dipping sauce. don’t think i can go back now without ordering them.

we finished off with the lumberjack cake: lady apple, medjool dates, humphry slocombe maple-walnut ice cream. so good!!!

farm fresh.

the gf brought me home some fresh garlic (she picked it herself!), avocados and lettuce from cannard farm in sonoma that she visited today and i used it as inspiration for my dinner (along with my constant craving for soup.)

made a mexican inspired chicken and rice soup. onion, carrot, fresh garlic (first time i’ve ever used it not dried and it smelled amazing!), chicken, diced tomato, coriander and cumin; garnished with cilantro, cotija cheese, avocado and lemon. yay, lunch for the week!

sunday brunch.

another sunday, another reason to go to foreign cinema for brunch. this time well deserved after a 90 minute yoga class.

started with a fellini to quench my thirst: sparkling wine, grapefruit juice, aperol

then onto oysters and hangover soup: lime, jalapeno, chicken, poached egg, cilantro – the poached egg elevated the soup to the list of foods i’m constantly thinking about and wanting to eat.

they had a little menu change-up this week so my usual balsamic glazed fried eggs weren’t on the menu. curiosity drew me to the samosa scrambled eggs: potatoes, english peas, arugula, a little spice, and crispy wonton chips. i missed my eggs but it was still delicious.

and of course, no trip to foreign cinema is complete without a side order of maple syrup glazed bacon. i want multiple orders all to myself!

finished it off with a little affogato for dessert: four barrel espresso with vanilla ice cream