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so many posts, so little time! italy and new york coming soon…


italy in march.


i’m off to italy for a few weeks, with a pit stop in new york on the way back. not sure if i’ll post much while away, but there will be lots to come in early april! good bye san francisco rain, hello europe!

clude de fado – lisbon, portugal

in the alfama neighborhood of lisbon, clube de fado is an incredible portuguese experience. enjoy traditional cooking, cocktails and wine, and heart-wrenching fado in a warm, historical space. it was recommended by our cousin and i’m so grateful!

dinner is interspersed with red lighting, a trio of incredible guitarists, and rotating singers (both amateur and well-known.) the music is incredible, the service well executed, the food and drinks delicious, and the experience worthwhile. i recommend it highly and will definitely go back!

this singer brought my gf to tears. the video clip is all over the place but the audio is pretty clear. carmo moniz pereira with guitarist mario pacheco

clube de fado 
rua s. joao da praca 94
lisbon, portugal

ambengan waterfall – lovina, bali

ambengan waterfall was about an hour away from damai, our hotel in lovina. we drove to the village of ambengan and then one of the villagers played tour guide and led us through rice paddies and jungle to the top of a 100m waterfall. here we stopped to swim in a pool with a smaller waterfall feeding into it, that all runs down into the bigger one. we were the only ones in sight and got to stop for fresh coconut water on the way back!

the more famous git git waterfall is in the same general area but is very popular with toursits. this is an equally beautiful and more secluded experience that i highly recommend. my only wish is that we could have also walked around to the bottom of the waterfall to check it out from down there.

kecak dance – uluwatu, bali

the kecak dance is easily my favorite indonesian dance. unlike most traditional performances the kecak isn’t accompanied by a gamelan orchestra, but instead by the chanting of 70 men. the trancelike chorus of men in black and white checkered sarongs is beautiful and mesmerizing, and did i mention a gorgeous fire scene towards the end. the kecak features the story of the ramayana, and they give you a print out when you enter so you can follow the story.

uluwatu temple is on the bukit peninsula in the south of bali. here you watch the kecak dance during sunset, high on a cliff above the crashing ocean, overlooking the temple. it’s definitely a tourist attraction but the view really can’t be beat. the performance starts around 6pm and lasts an hour. buy your tickets inside the temple grounds, but arrive a bit early to give yourself time to walk around the temple and visit with the monkeys (beware though, they’ll steal things right off you body: hats, glasses, dangly jewelry!) the show ends just in time for dinner and i recommend heading over to nearby jimbaran bay.