dinner chez mamou.

a quintessential dinner at my grandma’s house, montreal. dolmas, yogurt sauce, boiled meat with bone marrow.


the village idiot, LA.

had drinks and dinner with friends at the village idiot. their drink list features standard cocktails, each with a twist that makes it their own. i had several negronis, made with aperol instead of campari.

as far as food, standouts for me where the lamb and beef meatballs with tzatziki, and the sweet+spicy nuts. the pickled veggies, however, fell flat and were pretty bland. the fish and chips were crispy with a nice size fillet, and are a hit item.

great spot to go for a full meal, drinks, or snacks, and there’s plenty of room for a larger group.


BLD restaurant, LA.

went to BLD during dine LA, and tried their prix fixe menu. since there were four of us, four appetizers and mains, and two desserts, we got to try everything. overall the meal was solid, with good drinks. the first course was definitely the highlight of the meal, featuring bacon wrapped scallops, roasted carrot soup, grapefruit salad, and house smoked lamb.

the second course was more problematic, our fish was bland, steak was chewy, and overall was less on point. the gnocchi was good but very rich, and the short ribs were solid. dessert was also good, although i accidentally ate banana ice cream, and banana is my only absolutely hated, can’t-eat food.

i’d be interested to check out their food when they’re not doing a prix fixe promotion.

vintage enoteca, LA.

started our weekend in LA with some post-drive, happy hour wine and snacks at vintage enoteca on sunset boulevard. the spot is really cute, with a dog-friendly little patio in the front. happy hour doesn’t include wine, but all food is half price. had a delicious bottle of white, deviled eggs with bacon and caviar, and a warm shaved brussels salad with pomegrante, rosemary and garlic. i’m a huge fan of deviled eggs and there were definitely some of the best i’ve had!


bastourma is a middle eastern cured beef that is seasoned with a paste of cumin, garlic, paprika and fenugreek. in my family, and in egyptian culture, it is most commonly eaten cold with pita bread, or scrambled with eggs and pita. this is easily one of my favorite breakfasts and has become a christmas morning tradition. i just need to find somewhere to buy it in san francisco so i can get my fix more than once a year when i’m back in montreal.