skool has been on my to try list since it opened two years ago. and i finally made it for a late saturday dinner with a few friends (one of whom is a diehard skool fan). the service was exceptional, and the food delicate, flavorful, and interesting. we enjoyed several bottles of red (which our server was happy to let us sample before committing), two dozen washington state oysters, mushroom fries, hamachi crudo, mussels, crab risotto, shrimp and scallop ceviche, and a trio of desserts with two rounds of espresso martinis on the side. not only did the food win me over, but the espresso martinis was on par with my beloved nopa, adding a twist of creaminess all its own. we will definitely be back!






i have been going to borobudur for almost eleven years. of all the san francisco restaurants i discovered with my under-developed 18 year old palate, its one of the few i still visit and love! i prefer to dine here in a large group so i can order more and get a little of everything. some favorites: tiger beer (from singapore), roti prata (fried dough/bread with curry dipping sauce, not traditionally indonesian but so good!), soto ayam (chicken soup), martabak (with meat or veggies, like a scramble with a crispy shell), rendang (the most tender, flavorful beef), capcai (mixed veggies), and you really can’t go wrong with anything else. its a little piece of home in those moments when all i want is to be back in indonesia.


mission chinese food.

finally tried mission chinese food after all the reviews and hoopla. arriving before 8pm seems to help avoid crowds and a long wait, and we got a cozy table by the windows in the front. main downside of my visit is not being with a larger group, two people can only reasonably order so much food. the tea smoked eel (basically a rice noodle spring roll with eel, hamhock, and veggies), and kung pow pastrami were the clear highlights for me. hainan chicken rice was also good, but arrived late due to a mix up and i could’ve used it sooner to balance the spice. the mongolian long beans put us over the edge of fullness, and one bite had tears streaming down my face from the heat – definitely beyond my threshold. i’d go back with a larger group or friends who are already fans.

party bus!

i can with confidence say that the teacher bus is the only party bus you will ever need to know about, and if you don’t live in the bay area then i’m sorry for you.

bring your own ipod playlist or dj, a cooler full of drinks, and some friends and you’re good to go. the old school buses have been painted black, with their insides rearranged for maximum hanging out and danceability. skip the bar-hopping and enjoy a private dance-party while taking in views of san francisco from both sides of the golden gate and bay bridges. solar and biodeisel powered not only are the buses fun, but they’re environment happy buses too!

brunch at bar agricole.

a little blue bottle on the way to brunch. mimosas, lemon crepes, orange cinnamon croissant, and we stayed perfectly warm and dry from the misty morning under the heat lamps outside. the fried eggs with pork belly and sausage were solid, but i’m definitely going to bar agricole back for the hash (and the cocktails)! finished up with a dozen kara’s cupcakes for the gf’s 30th!