party bus!

i can with confidence say that the teacher bus is the only party bus you will ever need to know about, and if you don’t live in the bay area then i’m sorry for you.

bring your own ipod playlist or dj, a cooler full of drinks, and some friends and you’re good to go. the old school buses have been painted black, with their insides rearranged for maximum hanging out and danceability. skip the bar-hopping and enjoy a private dance-party while taking in views of san francisco from both sides of the golden gate and bay bridges. solar and biodeisel powered not only are the buses fun, but they’re environment happy buses too!


brunch at bar agricole.

a little blue bottle on the way to brunch. mimosas, lemon crepes, orange cinnamon croissant, and we stayed perfectly warm and dry from the misty morning under the heat lamps outside. the fried eggs with pork belly and sausage were solid, but i’m definitely going to bar agricole back for the hash (and the cocktails)! finished up with a dozen kara’s cupcakes for the gf’s 30th!

southern pacific brewing.





had a perfect friday lunch, on a sunny sf day, at recently opened southern pacific brewing in the mission. the space is beautiful, huge, and manages to find the perfect balance of cold steel and concrete, and warm wood and greenery. there’s tons of natural light, outdoor seating, brewing on-site, a full bar, and food all day. making me even more stoked on the place is the fact that an old friend happens to be the owner. my burger with pickled veggies and garlic-sage fries hit the spot, as did the house brewed helles lager. i’m already looking forward to going back and sending everyone i know.

lady leap year.


despite the cold it was another great evening of cocktails at the ferry building, with infusions, foams, and even homemade gummy bears. the first farmers market happy hour of the season featured all female bartenders, as well as women-owned spirits pur and square one. jennifer seidman’s “indian summer” punch, featuring oxley gin and pickled beet juice, was the first drink i tried and my favorite of the night – i just love pickles so much! the bites were all delicious, but being the sucker that i am for meatballs and soup, my standout favorite (i may have had four or five) was claudine’s meatball soup.