wine, a limo, and a feast.

spent saturday afternoon riding around healdsburg in a limo with friends, drinking wine. had an amazing time again at medlock ames where we had some salami and cowgirl creamery triple cream with our tasting. our second stop was styker, which i’d never visited before. the tasting room and outdoor patio look out over the vineyards, the wine was good, and they let us set up a picnic next to the fireplace. last stop was soda rock which overall didn’t impress me much, the highlight was easily the stuffed boar by the entrance and giant barrel outside.

a day of tasting was finished up with dinner at a friend’s place where “uncle” had spent the day cooking us up a feast (per usual.) the first thing i do everytime i go to their house is go check out whats on the stove. the spread included ahi sashimi and poke, pork shoulder, beef skewers, chili, stir fry noodles, and an incredible creamy cole slaw with egg.


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