carmine’s. atlantic city, nj.

on my latest trip to new jersey i ate more italian food than ever, and got to enjoy a full out family style feast (at a table almost entirely of italians) at carmine’s in atlantic city. the portion size is insane even for a family style restaurant, and there are so many dishes that if you take more than two bites of each you’re too full to even get up from the table after dinner. overall the food was actually really good, and the dirty martinis weren’t too bad either!

cold antipasto platter (cheese, roasted peppers, white beans, cured meats, marinated mushrooms)
hot antipasto platter (mussels, baked linguine pie, baked blams, spinach and artichoke dip, eggplant, stuffed mushrooms, breaded fried ravioli)
fried calamari
spiedini alla romana (fried italian bread and mozzarella with caper sauce)
chicken scallopine with lemon and butter
rigatoni with sausage, broccoli and white sauce
broiled porter house steak
chicken scarpariello (tons of herbs and garlic)

the dim lighting makes for rough food photos, but makes the experience of being surrounded by people shoveling down huge quantities of food slightly less appalling.


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