2 sisters bar and books.

the last two weeks have seen the arrival of two new watering holes to the hayes valley neighborhood, both of which i find pretty exciting. i haven’t yet checked out suppenkuche’s newly opened biergarten, but i did stop into a little spot called two sisters bar and books to check out the food, drinks and books–easily three of my favorite things!

they offer up beer and wine based twists on classic cocktail concepts (while awaiting their full liquor license), a small menu, and there is a collection of beautiful books available for folks to take a book and leave an old book of their own.

we tried out a few plates and beverages: as far as beer, the 21st amendment back in black ipa delicious. cocktail-wise both drinks i tried were reminiscent of classics: the port of sf (madeira, lime, ginger, ipa) was a light twist on a mule; and the duke’s son (amontillado, carpano antica, bitters) is a nice take on a whiskey drink.

food-wise, the deviled eggs with bacon, ancho and cream were not my favorite–i’m a deviled egg lover and prefer a more traditional take. the roasted wild boar sausage with yukon gold potatoes in garlic and rosemary oil was tasty and would definitely lure me back.


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