another month, another wedding!

the reason for my recent weekend jaunt to montreal was my cousin’s wedding, minus the cold and rain it was awesome, and we were spoiled by yet another wedding with great food. following the ceremony was a cocktail hour including gin+tonics with cucumber slices (in my opinion the best gin garnish), a sparkling fruit cocktail, and passed apps: scallop ceviche, crab cakes, cheese and chorizo croquettes, tuna tartar crostini, and foie gras w/ apple crostini.

the party then moved into the reception hall for a six course meal, wine, cocktails and dancing! dinner included: butternut squash soup, venison carpaccio, seared salmon with guacamole, goat cheese and beet salad, filet mignon with lobster tail, wedding cake, and a huge dessert spread (fruit, cheese, cakes, brownies, candy and more.) and we got to drink a hundred year old bottle of aquardente (portuguese firewater) that was incredible!


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