portus calle, montreal.

another meal i try to get in on my montreal trips is portuguese food; which is usually much more likely to happen when my dad is in town at the same time and we’ve both been starved of portuguese food in the cities we live. in montreal, my personal favorite is a spot called le vintage thats run by an old college friend of my dad’s and is like eating at a relatives house.

the past few trips, however, we’ve gone instead to portus calle, a favorite amongst our family and friends (and apparently half the city of montreal cause the place is constantly packed!) portus calle is on the upscale and pricey side, with a more contemporary take on portuguese food served in smaller, stylized portions. while i’m not sure the portions are always worth their cost, the food is good and they have a nice wine list and full bar.

our meal began with seasoned olives, bread with olive oil for dipping, and an amuse of beets. next, risoes de baccalau (cod croquettes), cherry tomatoes with goat cheese, chorizo stuffed calamari, and grilled chorizo. as entrees we ordered: the house baccalau (cod), aroz de mariscos (seafood rice), and giant prawns with tomato and curry rice (it was essentially two giant prawns with a side of the same rice as the seafood rice, definitely over priced.) expected the larger portions of visits past i didn’t ordered an entree and decided to share with everyone else, a decision i wouldn’t make again. we were there celebrating my brother’s birthday, and his friend in the kitchen sent us out a nice dessert platter accompanied, in true portuguese fashion, by a bica.

portus calle
4281, boulevard st-laurent
montreal, québec


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