le deli de fairview, montreal.

every trip home to montreal is planned around a long list of “must eats,” and the deli at fairview is always one of them. it may seem ridiculous to eat at a deli, in a mall, in the suburbs, but this place is pretty amazing. the crowd is mostly older, the servers still wear black pants with white button-downs (and seem to have worked there since i was a kid), and the food hasn’t changed a bit. the interior might be updated, but the vibe is still straight out of the 80s.

i always order an old fashioned smoke meat sandwich, a poutine to share, and a bowl of soup. the menu, however, is vast and they serve everything from breakfast to nachos to spaghetti to sandwiches to liverwurst. its the perfect place to get my montreal style smoked meat fix, meat piled high on little slices of rye, lathered with mustard, pickle on the side (i learned after years in the US that smoked meat is called corned beef here.) and i can pick up a bag of fairmont bagels on my way out!


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