nostos, montreal.

san francisco lacks greek food, and middle eastern/mediterranean food in general. on the west coast its mostly lumped together into one category with a plethora of restaurants serving a range of generically categorized dishes. in montreal, however, there is a serious different between greek and middle eastern food, its damn good, and plenty of eateries can be found across the city for an easy, affordable meal on the go–with so many options its hard to choose.

a few years ago my grandpa introduced us to nostos, a greek restaurant that serves some serious chicken and quickly made it onto my montreal “must eat” list! the chicken is perfectly grilled, topped with a squeeze of fresh lemon, with sides of greek salad, fries and/or rice. oh, and of course a bowl of super garlicky tzatziki for dipping! if you only try one greek restaurant in montreal, make it this one!

grilladerie nostos 
9530 boulevard de l’acadie
montreal, quebec


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