intoxicating ladies – sf cocktail week.

intoxicating ladies: the women behind the stick and the cocktails was my first ever san francisco cocktail week event, and it was an incredible introduction! held at rye, and hosted by LUPEC SF (ladies united in the preservation of endangered cocktails), the event was intimate and highlighted the talents of local female bartenders and brands.

each bartender created a signature cocktail for the event, and every hour saw four different ladies serving up their creations. at the main bar one of the ladies of rye was also sharing her unique cocktail throughout the night. $15 bought you a wristband and three hours of tasting!

two of my favorites were victoria d’amato-moran’s “foraged fall harvery,” a four roses bourbon based cocktail with a subtle earthiness from d’amato-moran’s own cent’anni candy mushroom syrup. and christina cabrera’s (15 romolo) “splender in the glass,” a savory tequila cocktail with cayenne pepper, rosemary, fresh lemon juice DRY soda lemongrass and cent’anni lemon spice syrup (we may have had more than our share of “tastes.”)


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