tropisueno is one of those places that seems like it should be an overpriced disappointment, but is actually a gem in downtown sf where there’s usually not much to eat in the realm of tasty and affordable (and with a full bar!)

free chips and salsa (three kinds!) always. all drinks sweetened with agave. taqueria by day, full service restaurant by night. delicious food + drinks always. the food is reasonable priced and everything is always really fresh. their list of tequila cocktails is incredible and interesting (and this coming from a non-tequila lover!)

the three cocktails i’ve had (and the shrimp burrito) are enough to keep me going back!
jamaicazo: puebla viejo blanco, hibiscus, cucumber, lime, agave. served up.
margarita branca: heradura blanco, lime, orange bitters, dash of fernet menta branca. served up.
happy hour margarita: el ranchero tequila, lime, blue agave. served over ice in a tall glass with chili salt. and its only $5.

75 yerba buena lane
san francisco, ca


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