had an impromptu sunday night date at nopa with the gf. snagged two seats at the bar, as always, and enjoyed incredible food and cocktails, including a concoction by one of our favorite bartenders, the “dag-dammit.”

chicken soup, fresh herbs and smoked cayenne peppers
early girl tomato salad, feta, olives, garlic croutons and balsamic
flatbread of spicy fennel sausage, eggplant, mizuna and gruyere
avocado salad, spiced chickpeas, cucumber and cherry tomatoes
we also wanted the olive oil poached albacore with haricot vert, soft cooked egg and aioli, but we got too full (very sad!)

dag-dammit: evan williams single barrel bourbon, grapefruit twist, spoon of grapefruit juice, brown sugar molasses (like a bright old fashioned)
blue bottle espresso martini

560 divisadero (at hayes)
san francisco, ca


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