what i eat in portugal!

my eating habits in portugal are fairly predictable and i really try to maximize on all the food and drink i love there.

breakfast consists of fresh portuguese bread, fresh soft goat cheese (nothing like the kind we have here), passion fruit (maracuja) juice, and a bica (espresso). or a fresh roll with ham and cheese.

lunch and dinner start with covers at every restaurant (bread, spread, shrimp, and a variety other goodies), a bowl of soup, and some time of grilled fish with the most incredible boiled potatoes, all doused in oil and vinegar. accompanied of course by a bottle or two of wine and finished off with a bica.

table-side grilled chorizo.

saltados. pasteis de bacalhau. rissois de camarao.


pao con chorizo

termocos/lupini beans

and to drink: bicas (incredible espresso. three times a day!) vinho verde. vinha tino. super boc or sagres. lipton ice lemon tea. ginja (cherry liquor). aguardente (fire water).


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