white water rafting – ayung river, bali

spent our last morning in bali rafting on the ayung river near ubud. its about a two hour trip down the river and there are spots to get out and swim, buy beers, sodas, coconuts. you can swim under a mini waterfall and stand under a huge waterfall. at one point there are beautiful stone carvings along a big length of river depicting the story of the ramayana. our guide said they’d been working on it for 15 years and it still isn’t finished. it wasn’t a super intense or extreme trip but definitely fun!

“a true balinese experience,” ayung river rafting
US$50 each, includes lunch, hotel pick-up/drop-off, and lunch. its mostly class 1 and 2+ rapids so a fun trip for anyone. our guide was awesome and there were even showers, changing rooms and towels at the end. (this is the river that runs at the base of the valley that alila ubud is perched atop)


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