amuz – jakarta, indonesia

one of my fave restaurants ever is a place in jakarta called riva at the park lane hotel. the former head chef: gilles marx, recently opened his own restaurant, amuz. so rather than having dinner at riva, we went to try it out instead and the space is absolutely beautiful. my dad is a longtime customer and knows the chef who unfortunately was off that night.

our meal:
amuse: crab croquet
tomato consome with crab ravioli
lentil soup with edamame and duck bacon
veal chop with haricot vert and potato gratin (the weakest dish we ordered)
pan seared whole fresh lobster, they actually bring it to your table live before cooking it, with spinach fettucini and artichoke (highlight of the meal!)
chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream
2 bottles of red wine – one from dad’s cellar, one crappy california wine from the restaurant list (importing wine and booze into indonesia has becoming increasingly difficult)

not the best meal in my chef marx history (they were out of a few things and our veal was a bit more rare than i would have liked) but still delicious overall and i’ll keep going back, but hopefully next time the chef is in the kitchen!

The Energy Building, 2nd Floor SCBD Lot 11A
JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta


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