layover in london

actually going on our trip required an initial 36 hours of travel, which included an 8-hour layover in london. upon arrival we excitedly bought our tickets for the heathrow express to go have lunch with old friends, only to find when we got to the train platform that someone had (very sadly) just died on the tracks and all trains were stopped for the foreseeable future. our plans went out the window and we couldn’t get in touch with our friends to modify.

not to be discouraged, the gf and i hopped on the underground, picked a random stop and left the airport for some fresh air and non-airport/airplane food. we got off at south kensington upon the recommendation of a fellow underground rider from montreal and were excited to be out in the world seeing the sun. we wandered until we found the bunch of grapes pub. it was perfect and everything we needed: beer, dark wood, english accents, proper fish and chips, a burger, not the airport! after lunch we happily returned to the airport to continue our journey.


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