welcome home weekend!

had a pretty phenomenal first weekend back in the bay. started off at the ferry building farmer’s market on saturday. sampled our way through the booths, bought some delicious produce, then stopped for a bite. i had the crispy crunch pork shoulder sandwich from 4505 meats (with pickled carrot on the side!) the gf had a vegan, raw, veggie-pasta plate from alive! and we stopped into the slanted door for a cocktail before heading home.

that evening had dinner at limon rotisserie for a friend’s birthday (seriously incredible, and the perfect place for a group dinner.) then drinks at chambers eat+drink at the phoenix hotel. and finished the day off with a second round of (late-night) dinner at nopa. (i was too busy stuffing my face and didn’t take any food pics. oops)

sunday started slow, spent the afternoon in sausalito kayaking, then had a late-lunch/early-dinner at paradise bay (which is in the process of transitioning into another restaurant). hog island oysters, shrimp cocktail, a few salads, and a surprisingly delicious burger.


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