peniche, portugal

peniche is definitely the town to go to for fresh, delicious seafood. located in the heartland of portugal just north of lisbon, it remains an active fishing port and has become very popular for surfing.

we go there at least twice on each trip to portugal and have our two favorite restaurants: restaurante popular and katekero II. any of the grilled fish are delicious, particularly the sardines! arroz de marisco (seafood rice) or caldeirada (seafood stew with potatoes) are also a must try. and remember, no meal is complete without a bowl of soup, bottle of wine, and a bica…

restaurante popular
largo da riveira 40
peniche, portugal

katekero II
av do mar 68-70
peniche, portugal


clude de fado – lisbon, portugal

in the alfama neighborhood of lisbon, clube de fado is an incredible portuguese experience. enjoy traditional cooking, cocktails and wine, and heart-wrenching fado in a warm, historical space. it was recommended by our cousin and i’m so grateful!

dinner is interspersed with red lighting, a trio of incredible guitarists, and rotating singers (both amateur and well-known.) the music is incredible, the service well executed, the food and drinks delicious, and the experience worthwhile. i recommend it highly and will definitely go back!

this singer brought my gf to tears. the video clip is all over the place but the audio is pretty clear. carmo moniz pereira with guitarist mario pacheco

clube de fado 
rua s. joao da praca 94
lisbon, portugal

foz velha – porto, portugal

foz vehla is a contemporary portuguese, fine dining restaurant and the ambiance really makes the place.

food wasn’t bad but wasn’t out of this world, and the service was off (our waiter was chewing gum, and didn’t finished the bottle of wine topping two of us off so we had to buy a second bottle for everyone to get a refill.)
we each had a tasting menu and the chef makes his own everything — wine, olive oil, jams.

overall experience was okay. don’t know that i’d go back. next time would stay to eat at shis where we stopped for a pre-dinner drink.overall experience was okay. don’t know that i’d go back. next time would stay to eat at shis where we stopped for a pre-dinner drink.

foz velha
esplanada do castelo 141
porto, portugal

what i eat in portugal!

my eating habits in portugal are fairly predictable and i really try to maximize on all the food and drink i love there.

breakfast consists of fresh portuguese bread, fresh soft goat cheese (nothing like the kind we have here), passion fruit (maracuja) juice, and a bica (espresso). or a fresh roll with ham and cheese.

lunch and dinner start with covers at every restaurant (bread, spread, shrimp, and a variety other goodies), a bowl of soup, and some time of grilled fish with the most incredible boiled potatoes, all doused in oil and vinegar. accompanied of course by a bottle or two of wine and finished off with a bica.

table-side grilled chorizo.

saltados. pasteis de bacalhau. rissois de camarao.


pao con chorizo

termocos/lupini beans

and to drink: bicas (incredible espresso. three times a day!) vinho verde. vinha tino. super boc or sagres. lipton ice lemon tea. ginja (cherry liquor). aguardente (fire water).

restaurante o camelo – portugal

i have no idea what camels have to do with portugal but this place was hilarious. its called “the camel” and serves traditional portuguese food. they even have a real live camel that lives outside the restaurant.

went here for dinner with some of our family. the food was okay, i think i definitely ordered the wrong thing, because my brother’s rabbit was delicious. portions are enormous and are better off shared between two. i was more amused by this place than anything else and wouldn’t choose to go back.


more food i ate – indonesia.

dessert sampler. koi kemang, jakarta.

sandwich fail! turkey, melted cheese slices and a lemony flavor. coffee bean, jakarta.

steak sandwich. gourmet kitchen, jakarta.

grilled shrimp. sea breeze cafe. lovina, bali.

french toast. alila ubud, bali.

breakfast. damai. lovina, bali.

baby lobster ravioli and warm chocolate cake. fj bistro, jakarta.

nasi goreng. lots of places, indonesia.

vegan and chicken pizza. melati, gili trawangan.

grilled snapper. coco bistro. ubud, bali.

peanuts! everywhere, indonesia.

tea and coffee tasting. bali.


gili trawangan, indonesia

gili trawangan is the largest of three small and fairly undeveloped islands off the west coast of lombok. gili trawangan is the most developed of the gili islands and was made popular by all night beach parties. the island has no motorized vehicles so people get around by foot, bicycle or horse-cart; and you can pretty much get around the entire island in less than hour.

we stayed at an incredible villa called hari puri, at the southern end of the main strip of restaurants, bars and lodging. the perfect location really, close enough to the action, yet still quiet and not in the thick of it. the villa has 5  bedrooms, four open-air bathrooms, and easily sleeps 10-14 people. apart from the bedrooms the entire villa is open, with along deck lining side facing the beach. the deck has two sitting areas, plus a long table in the center. there are also three single room guesthouses behind the villas, perfect for a couple.

the groundskeeper, nans, is incredibly sweet. he had the fridge stocked with beer and drinks for us when we arrived. sets up an incredible breakfast spread with french press coffee, tea, fruit, and eggs or crepes to order. he did all the coordinating for us to go snorkeling, rent bikes, and horse-carts. and if you give him a day’s notice he’ll cook you grilled fish, satay, gado-gado and other indonesian staples for dinner.

at low tide the beach is quite rocky and full of coral but there are tons of hotels around the island that have pools. we stumbled upon the ombak sunset hotel, on the west side of the island, and spent hours in the pool enjoying happy hour and watching the sunset! the island also has a sea turtle hatchery where you can go look at the baby turtles.

you can get to the gilis easily from bali by fast boat. there is no shortage of companies, just be sure to do your research and make sure they’re not overfilling the boats and have life jackets for everyone. we went with an australian company called blue water express and had a great experience.

its my goal to get back here to celebrate my 30th!