decided to try our luck and pop into frances for a seat at the bar and had the unexpected opportunity to snag an actual table (something that usually involves a month plus reservation wait)

one of the fun things about frances is their wine by the ounce program. they bring you your choice of a house white, rose or red in a caraff marked ever 2 ounces and you pay only for what you actually drink. its delicious wine, great value, and gives you more flexibility.

food wise we started with the applewood smoked bacon beignets with maple creme fraiche and chive. the charred spring onion dip: ricotta, sour cream, and fennel seed with lavosh crackers. spring leek and baby spinach soup with creme fraiche, lemon oil. and trottoloni pasta with asparagus, meyer lemon, mascarpone and toasted walnut. the shape of these noodles is pretty phenomenal and in itself makes the dish awesome, not to mention it’s actually delicious.

the ladies at the table next to us made my night by sharing their off menu chicken wings! cornmeal battered and fried with rosemary and served with a buttermilk, meyer lemon dipping sauce. don’t think i can go back now without ordering them.

we finished off with the lumberjack cake: lady apple, medjool dates, humphry slocombe maple-walnut ice cream. so good!!!


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