the only appropriate way to start a trip to vegas is with a 7am mimosa at SFO’s swanky new terminal 2.

in less than 48 hours we managed to: eat and drink at celebrity restaurants. ride the rollercoaster at new york new york. dodge drunk people. go to a wedding. climb into the displays at our hotel. go up and down many escalators and in and out of many hotels. eat at a buffet. lay by the pool with a beer. have a near death experience. and fall in love with the chandelier bar that sits across three floors of the cosmopolitan hotel.

gambling and a show are all we missed (that and being blacked out, peeing in a completely inpropriate place and puking on ourselves), but i’m sure my wallet (and ego) came home  fatter because of it. i’d definitely call the trip a success, and i think i got my fill of vegas for another ten years.


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