when (not) in rome…

go to locanda!

delfina’s brand new sister restaurant is equally delicious but a wonder all its own. had the good fortune of snagging a primetime thursday night reservation and maximized by ordering half the menu and several cocktails.

my highlights:
jewish style artichoke, apparently very typically roman: fried artichoke with squeeze of lemon
pizza bianca: like a flat bread with mortadella (one of my true food loves)
oxtail: perfectly seasoned and tender!
spaghetti with fava beans and leaves, ricotta salata
cuscini: like a dumpling, with gulf shrimp, burrata, and a light broth at the bottom of the plate (i could seriously eat an enormous pot of this!)
lamb ragu with pecorino and mint (which gives it a nice light freshness)
snap peas w/ mint and spring onion (i want to make this at home everyday)
molten chocolate cake: you really can’t go wrong
ricotta fritta: light, donut-like balls, filled with ricotta

as far as cocktails, i was totally won over by the nona del diavolo: rye, strega (an herbal, italian liquor with light fennel flavor), ginger, lim, seltzer w/ candied ginger. it’s refreshing, in that mule kinda way, with a nice spicy edge from the ginger that’s bold but not overpowering.

next time you’re craving a taste of rome, or just have a craving for an amazing meal, head on over. i’m already ready to go back and try the other half of the menu!


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