i just can’t get enough…

another fabulous day in yountville playing tour guide for an old friend and some new friends while the gf was on a photoshoot at ad hoc.

started with lunch in the outdoor lounge at bardessono and indulged again in the swordfish sandwich. bartender treated us to a surprise cocktail called a champagne cup. the recipe can vary but this version was brandy, cointreau, simple syrup stirred and topped with champagne, muddled cucumber and mint. apparently you can add fresh seasonal fruit and serve it in a punch bowl, an exciting discovery for summertime fun!

from there moved onto ma(i)sonry for some wine tasting and art, chandon for a bottle of champagne and cheese plate, before heading to redd for dinner.

ended the day as a fly at the bar at ad hoc during their post-service bi-monthly family dinner, and got to try their famous fried chicken while i was there. it was easily the best fried chicken i’ve ever had and i haven’t stopped thinking about it. guess this just gives me a reason to go back to yountville again soon!


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