took advantage of failed saturday afternoon plans to check out the newly opened jones in the tenderloin. the space is what really makes this place appealing, there are two huge bars inside and gorgeous (and huge) outdoor patio that looks out over geary street.

we spent a few early evening hours there and the place was mostly empty. ordered just about everything on the menu which was tasty and super reasonably priced. i had an old classic gin cocktail called the corpse reviver, and it definitely made it to my default cocktail list!


went back to jones the following friday night for the gf’s birthday dinner/drinks celebration and had a less than enjoyable experience. the food was so-so and the service was terrible enough that we actually let the manager know. hopefully they’re still working out their “new restaurant” kinks, but this definitely put a dent in my (and the 20+ friends who joined us) perception of the place. a note to the staff there, it’s probably not a good idea to give your customer excuses as to why their meal and experience were total shit, you’d be better off saying sorry and trying to make it better. won’t be referring this place to anyone for a while.


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