eating and drinking… part 2

day one in yountville continued on the very good note it started on. i was treated to a little surprise in the form a visit to the quixote winery that was designed and built by the artist hundertwasser (one of my faves!) and is his only building in the US. their wines were nothing to write home about, but the place was totally worth the visit!

made a late afternoon pit stop at chandon for a little sparkling pinot noir rose, followed by pre-dinner champagne and chocolates in the tub at the hotel. and finally, dinner at redd.

we enjoyed several cocktails (read: i enjoyed them so much i can’t remember which or how many i had) and dinner was pretty spectacular. we ordered several things that don’t usually grab my attention and i think i’m forever changed. the lobster rissoto and duck confit with foie gras meatballs were so delicious that i could have ordered two servings of each and eaten nothing else! scallops w/ cauliflower, sea base, and skate were also delicious and i’d happily revisit them any day.

we were treated a little anniversary dessert of housemade icecream sandwiches which despite our fullness we ate all of, and an espresso martini that the tablecloth got to enjoy more of than we did. all in all a meal worth writing home about.


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