two of my favorite things.

nopa and brunch, the combination couldn’t be any better. it definitely doesn’t trump my undying love for the brunch at foreign cinema, but it does increase my obsession with nopa.

somehow there always seems to be a seat at the bar just waiting for us, which seems like a sign that being there is absolutely a good idea and not irresponsible, regardless of how drunk we may get. and since this was our first brunch visit it felt like being there for the first time all over again, with new bartenders, food and drinks.

we asked the bartender to make us a nice light, bright cocktail… he served us gin, grapefruit juice, lemon, honey, and aperol, topped with cava. it was super light, clean on the palate, aftertaste was just a slight bitterness at back of palate (ie. it was so good we each had two)

food wise we had butter basted eggs, roasted carrots, escarole and crispy polenta (essentially polenta hash browns), and corned beef hash with poached eggs and house made english muffin. i’m usually disappointed by hash but this was so simple it was perfect.

i’m not sure if it felt more or less appropriate to be drinking an espresso martini at 2pm versus 2am but either way it was still delicious. and overall the visit proved to be just as good a way to spend a morning as an evening and only builds nopa up as my default spot when i want to grab a “quick bite and a drink…”


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