foreign cinema!

foreign cinema is easily my favorite brunch spot ever (in the world)! not only is their food always flawless but they have phenomenal outdoor seating. you’re also guaranteed to leave with a nice buzz (read: drunk and wanting to drink more) and wanting to do nothing but play and frollic for the rest of the day. so basically, don’t go there if brunch isn’t meant to be the center-point of your day.

on my last visit i enjoyed a (few) french kiss cocktails… grey goose, lillet, and a splash of champagne. i mean, this is really the way to start a day! had a few oysters to get going. some ahi tartare that was seriously perfect. the seared mahi-mahi with rice, veggies and cucumber raita confirmed for me that summer in february rules! and the balsamic fried eggs with garlic-potato hash, roasted greens and prosciutto might be the best egg dish i’ve ever had in my life. in fact, i want it now!

summer in the city means an endless craving for foreign cinema (and a dent in my wallet and sunday productivity… oh well)



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