weekend at boon

spent a few days in guerneville helping the gf on a photoshoot she was doing for her friend, owner/chef of boon restaurant and hotel. first of all, guerneville is a strange place, filled with gays and river people… a combination i’ve never really understood. second, boon is a fucken great place to stay. thirdly, i got to watch the sunrise three days in a row!

i could go on and on but i’ll just pull out the highlights of the trip:
– huddy got to come hang out, run and play to her hearts content (she’s still sleeping it off)
– i got to eat the pork belly sandwich at boon eat+drink again and i’m still craving it!
– we scored some free time to take a drive up westside road and hit up some great wineries. thomas george do amazing wines and we picked up a bottle of their sauvignon musque, the perfect way to start off summer. and arista is pinot noir heaven, where huddy was kept occupied playing chase with the chef’s son while we got some extra tastings of off-list wines.


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