NOPA of my heart…

gotta love a week that starts with an impromptu nopa happy hour and ends with a weekend escape (i mean photoshoot/learning experience) in guerneville…

it was a typical (and always perfect) visit to nopa with seats at the bar, an aviation cocktail, espresso martini and my beloved wilted chicories, bacon, warm egg and sherry onion salad. i seriously can’t go in there and not order these things. (this can sometimes prove to be problematic considering everything else on the menu is amazing and i always have a queue of at least three planned cocktails just walking into the place. good things we’ve made friends with the bartenders…)

now all i have to do is make it to friday morning.

and clearly i need to go back to carrying my real camera everywhere cause the one on my phone sucks.


deep fried bacon!

recommended a friend host their birthday drinks at 25 lusk the other day and it was a perfect fit. their lounge space is gorgeous and ideal for a medium to large group who want to go out for drinks and apps. its actually really huge but sectioned off into smaller, cozy lounges – most of which have modern suspended fireplaces at their center. for a more intimate experience you can opt for booths in the speakeasy style nooks behind the bar.

we ordered the bacon tempura and i feel like my life has been forever changed. i mean, it just makes so much sense. why wouldn’t you batter and deep fry bacon?! not to mention that its served with burrata, which on its own is also one of my favorite things. i pretty much think the dish i genius.

i always want to order whiskey drinks but often find they have too much of an edge for my taste or are too sweet. the red monkey is phenomenal and i could easily drink it in way too large of quantities (enter life-saving changing bacon and burrata). its the perfect slightly smoother take on a manhattan, with a touch of mint for a breath of fresh air.

a fish taco and a billy joel cover.

went out for sushi the other night at a cute little spot in hayes valley and had an amazing fish taco. lightly seared pieces of albacore and salmon were layed over avocado on a little fried/battered piece of nori (seaweed), all topped with a delicious salsa. its usually served with sriracha but i opted out cause its not my fave. overall, delicious and really unique.

also, a few thoughts on the guster that night at the fillmore.
1. they’re really fucking good live
2. the bongos were epic…
3. a red hot chili peppers song as your entire encore is genius
4. billy joel covers are ALWAYS a good idea (as would be covers of elton john, phil collins or paul simon songs, amongst others)